Aussie startup pays for online magazine to cover Australia’s election

Aussie company that makes its name for producing content about politics and the economy has paid for a newspaper to cover the state’s national election.

The Adelaide Advertiser reported on Wednesday that the online magazine, a competitor to The Australian Financial Times, will cover the September 20 election in a three-part series that is due to run in its current format.

It is the first time a news magazine has used the format in the state, and it is likely to have an impact on how readers are educated about the election.

“AAPTN is a digital magazine with a focus on Australian politics, and its focus on political topics has been a key driver of its growth,” the Adelaide Admarvertiser wrote.

The newspaper will cover a range of topics, including the federal election, regional politics, national politics, the Queensland economy and politics in Australia.

The ad breaks down the content of each issue and includes a video featuring the editor-in-chief, who will give a brief account of the magazine’s approach to politics.

“We will be presenting content from the political party, candidates and the local community, all in a format that allows readers to fully engage with the issues,” editor-at-large David Whitehead said.

“The magazine is a free-to-access publication, meaning we can use any online platform that is available to us.”

The first issue of the Advertisers’ new political magazine will be available for download at the end of October.

A previous edition, published in November, covered the state election in April and May, with the publication of a special section on the federal Liberal Party.

“With the current political climate, we’re excited to see how readers will respond to our new, full-length political journalism,” Whitehead wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

“Advertisers will continue to cover local politics, with new issues being launched on a regular basis, including regional politics.”