The truth about the #GamerGate scandal

A few weeks ago, it looked like a major event was brewing: a wave of harassment was sweeping the internet, and a slew of women had come forward to say that they had been victims of cybersex abuse by some of the most powerful men in gaming.

But now, as the dust settles, we’re learning more about the full extent of the controversy and its impact.

We’ve learned that many of the women who accused their harassers are also the victims of online harassment, and many of those women are women of color.

As one former developer told Recode, the #gamergate scandal “gave me a sense of urgency.”

We’re also learning that many other women, including women of colour, have come forward as well, and that they too are now the victims.

To better understand these women, Recode is curating a special section of Recode Media, dedicated to the women and minorities who have accused the men in the #geekgate scandal.

This special section will also serve as a resource for people looking for tips on how to handle the harassment they have faced.

To read more about how the #Geekgate investigation has impacted women of all types, read the Recode article: Women in #GeessGate investigation, by Sarah Bierut, Recoded.

(Photo: Recode)To be clear, these are just a few of the dozens of women and people who have come out publicly to say they were victims of sexual harassment or cybersex assault in the last few weeks, and the vast majority of those who have spoken to Recode are doing so in the spirit of support and empathy.

We’re here to offer insight, support, and advice about how to deal with these women’s allegations, as well as to share how the harassment has impacted them and their families.

And while we’ve already been given access to the internal emails from the #gamersgate investigation, the people who actually went through it to compile this piece are still not ready to speak on camera yet.

But the first thing you need to know about the investigation and the women in it is that there are more than two dozen people who were part of it.

This is the first time we’re revealing all of the names and the identities of those involved, and we have a few tips for people in the know about how they can be more resilient when dealing with harassment online.

How we’ve combated #Geeksgate and its aftermath.

Here are a few things we learned from our investigation:The investigation into #GeekingGate and the people involved in it has been extremely difficult.

As you might imagine, there are many people who’ve been working on it for years, and have dedicated a lot of their time to making sure the investigation has gone as smoothly as possible.

To make matters worse, the investigators themselves have struggled to make sense of the vast number of documents, emails, and other communications they’ve received.

They’ve also faced some very real, difficult questions about how a criminal investigation might have been conducted.

In the end, the investigation was a complicated one that resulted in several very real and complicated issues.

But we know that we made progress in the end.

For example, we now know that a lot more information was shared than we originally thought, as investigators and defense lawyers sought to understand what happened and why, and to learn what the full scope of the allegations were.

It’s clear that we were a very good team at getting to the bottom of what was happening.

We are also learning a lot about what happened inside the investigation, and how we handled it.

We have a lot to learn about how this investigation went wrong and why it went wrong, and what we can learn from it.

The fact that we’re also able to share this information with the public makes it much more valuable and useful.

We don’t yet know everything that happened, and there’s a lot we don’t know about all of these people.

However, we do know what we know now, and it’s an important step forward in our efforts to prevent other people from being harassed and mistreated online.

What we learned:We learned a lot.

We now know a lot, including how the women were targeted, the way they were harassed, and whether there were any clear lines of demarcation.

We also know that the women themselves were harassed.

Many of them were not only harassed but also abused online.

And as we get to know them more, we can also learn about what they’ve been through and what their families have been through.

And we can now see a picture of how the men who had been harassing the women had access to and used their influence to get their revenge.

That’s how we learned about the harassment of the #gaming community: how a group of men could have taken the actions they did to women on the internet and abused their positions of power in the industry.

This information will