Why is the cartoon web page not being removed from Facebook?

On Wednesday, Facebook removed a cartoon web-site that was featured on its social media pages for a year, saying that it did not have the authority to remove it.

The cartoon web site is a popular cartoon on Facebook that is based on the character of Donald Trump, the US President.

Facebook said the cartoon had become a public relations disaster for the company and the cartoon is being taken down.

The cartoon is based off the Donald Trump character of the Trump campaign and features the president’s trademarked phrase “Make America Great Again.”

The site is owned by the satirical website The Onion and features images of Trump, his wife Melania and his son Barron.

The page has over 4.4 million likes on Facebook, which is an average of over 40 million views per day.

It was featured in more than 150 news stories and articles in the past year, the site said.

The site was not able to reach the president in person for comment.

The Trump administration has long faced criticism over its handling of the deadly protests against the President Donald Trump.

The protests erupted after a white nationalist, Richard Spencer, carried a banner with the slogan “Make Trump Great Again” during the inauguration in January.