A new spiderman template will soon launch for Apple’s upcoming iPhones and iPads

Posted August 04, 2019 11:05:10Apple’s new iPhones and iPad models are set to arrive with a host of new web templates that will help users create beautiful and immersive websites for the devices.

The company is working on an upcoming web template that will let users create web pages that will take advantage of advanced web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and even CSS3 animations, a source familiar with the matter told Axios.

Apple is reportedly working on a new spidermen template for its upcoming iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks that will offer up to 10 frames per second, a huge increase from the 1 frames per frame for a traditional web page.

While there are plenty of spiders out there already, the new template will likely be a first in the industry.

Apple’s new iOS 9 beta, which is expected to be released in the coming weeks, is reportedly packed with spiderman-inspired web pages, as are the upcoming Mac updates.

According to our sources, the spiderman templates will likely debut at the end of the year and will be available in a variety of platforms, including iOS 9.

Apple is also reportedly working with Google to build a new web template for the upcoming Pixel phones.

The Google web template has been available for several years, but Google has not released any official spiderman web templates for the Pixel devices, so the company is expected in the near future to unveil its own spiderman HTML5-based web template.

If you’re not already a fan of spiderman, we recommend checking out the latest Spiderman video below.