How to get an Italian national team game, the season finale, on a big screen, via ESPN

By Football Italian staffThe 2015 FIFA World Cup has just finished and with it the FIFA World Rankings have been released.

The FIFA rankings are based on the popularity of a particular country’s national team.

To qualify for the rankings, the countries’ respective teams must score 50% of the total points in a single season (or 10% if there is no season).

The final rankings are made up of 25 teams and, of those 25, 10 will be automatically relegated to the quarter-finals and two will automatically progress to the knockout stage.

There are three semi-finals, two group stage, and a final.

The first four teams to qualify will advance, while the last four will advance through to the last 16.

The final will be played on March 9, the same day the tournament starts.

Here is a quick look at the top-ranked teams in the world, ranked by their total points (or the number of points they earned in a season).

A complete list of the top 10 teams from each region can be found here:The rankings have been based on an average of the FIFA rankings for the past three years, and it’s a good idea to take a look at how things are doing for the teams in your area.