Facebook’s IPO might be the most important IPO in history

Facebook’s stock price has climbed to a record high after its IPO.

The company is trading at around $21 a share after closing at $21.12.

The shares are up a whopping 17 per cent since Facebook went public in 2012.

A huge number of investors have bought in since then.

Facebook was founded in 2004, but has seen its share price soar since then, jumping from $16 to $21 in a matter of weeks.

Its stock has been on a tear since the start of 2017, climbing to $38 a share on Thursday.

Facebook’s shares have gone from trading at about $17 a share in 2016 to more than $22 today.

Investors are now buying in on the potential for Facebook to drive growth, according to a report in The Financial Times.

Facebook is trying to use the IPO to boost its user growth and help it attract more advertisers.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to unveil a series of ambitious new features in the coming months, including new tools to help people share news and personalised ads.

He said he was aiming to use Facebook’s new revenue stream to help make the company even bigger and more influential.

The CEO said Facebook was the fastest-growing company in the world and had more than 1 billion users.

Facebook launched a social experiment that allowed users to post content in real-time.

It is not clear how much revenue the social experiment generated, but the company is currently expecting to earn at least $200 million in the first three months of 2017.

Zuckerberg said it would be possible to create a new advertising platform on Facebook that would be like a Facebook app, which would allow users to upload content, like news, pictures and videos.

The idea is to let users share content in the same way they would on Twitter or Instagram, but it is unclear if this will work.

Facebook also has a new feature called Live Stories, which allows users to share news, videos, photos and other things on Facebook in real time.

Zuckerberg also said Facebook would make it easier for advertisers to create ads for people using Facebook.