‘Fiat-Championship’ of Google+: How Google and Facebook are ‘buying the hearts and minds’ of millions of people via their digital marketing campaigns

Google and its competitor Facebook are spending billions on their digital ad campaigns, but that isn’t stopping the companies from creating their own digital platforms to lure in new users and drive more traffic to their sites.

The strategy is a clear attempt to keep users and revenue growth from dropping off as the company shifts to a digital-only business model.

While Google and other tech giants have been using a number of different ad platforms to target the ad market, their primary target has been Facebook, which is a major player in the ad space thanks to its dominant position in search, news and social.

Facebook has been buying ad space on Google’s own platform, Google AdWords, and Facebook has begun experimenting with other ad formats, such as its own sponsored posts, which are not native to the site.

Google has also started developing its own native ad products, including the AdSense platform.

According to a new report, Facebook is spending billions of dollars on ad sales and targeting for Google, which includes a $100 million payment from Google for a year of ads on the Google+ platform.

Google’s acquisition of AdSense was part of a $1 billion deal that was struck in May to make Google+ more popular and accessible to advertisers.

According to the report, the Google deal gives the social network a direct foothold in the advertising market.

The company’s move to the Google Plus platform comes after it was reported earlier this year that Google would be using the platform to increase its presence in digital ads.

This is the first time Google has bought a standalone ad service for the platform.

The acquisition was part, according to a press release, of a larger strategy to “increase its presence” in the digital advertising space.

The acquisition is expected to boost Google+ ad sales, which have been in a slump over the past year due to lower-than-expected Google searches and ads.

According a report from ad agency agency eMarketer, the number of Google search queries has fallen by more than 80 percent since June of last year.

Google is expected at the end of this year to make a $3 billion profit on AdSense, which accounts for about 20 percent of its total revenue.

Google+ has also seen a surge in revenue from publishers, which has increased by more in the last six months than in any other six-month period in the company’s history.

According the report from eMarker, publishers increased revenue from Google+ by more over the last two years than any other three-year period.

Publishers such as The Atlantic, Time, and The New York Times are spending more than $1.5 billion on AdWords for Google+ ads.

The New England Journal of Medicine, which owns the New York Daily News, has been spending $600,000 on Adsense.