NBA: Basketball: A look at the new logo, a look at what the league plans to do with the NBA’s logo, and more

The NBA has been working to redesign its logo for more than a decade.

It was the last NBA logo to undergo a full redesign.

The league had originally planned to announce the changes in a conference call on Wednesday, but the conference call has been postponed.

The league said on Wednesday that it will announce a new logo in the next two weeks.

The logo was designed in 1997, when the NBA was a teamless league that didn’t have the traditional logo and had no uniforms.

The new logo will use the color of the NBA championship banner.

The previous one, created in the early 2000s, was green.

The NBA also said that the logo will include the NBA logo’s current size and shape, with the new name being used in the logo’s upper right corner.

The next logo to be redesigned will be for the 2018-19 season, which starts in July.