How to create a responsive web template for React.js

article React Web Template is a React Web App template, which allows you to create responsive web content that looks great on any screen size.

The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to create an interactive web page that is responsive on every device.

The goal of creating this template is to let users navigate to the desired destination without having to scroll down the page.

The code for this tutorial will also work on any device with a keyboard and mouse.1.

Create a React.JS file with the following contents:1.js import React, { Component } from ‘react’;import { get, set, render, html } from `./components/index.js’;import ReactDOM from ‘ react-dom’;import static from ‘./static/index-page.html’;import img from ‘../img/images/image.jpg’;import text from ‘static/text/text-wrap.html’ import ReactDOMContainer from ‘ ./container/react-dom-container.html ‘ import { renderToText } from “react-text-template”; import textWrapper from “text-wrapper”;import static.html from ‘ static/html/indexes.html “; import {text,img,textWrapper} from ‘ text-template ‘;import {navigation,text} from “index.html”;import {img,images} from ` ./images/img-wrapper ‘; import static.js from ‘ src/static/js ‘; export default { render : function () { return (

); } } export default Nav.html; ReactDOM Container.html document.getElementById(‘index’) .addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, () => { document.body.appendChild(navContainer.renderToText()); });2.

Create the component that will be responsible for navigating to the destination in the browser.

This is the navigation component.navContainer = React.createClass({ navigation: function (){ return (