The Hindu’s Book of Quotations

The Hindu is a Hindu publishing house and publishing house is one of the best in the world.

So, why not make it more accessible to those who may be less well versed in Hinduism and the Vedas?

And what better way to do so than by having a book of quotations, called the Book of Verse.

The Book of Quote is a collection of words that have appeared in various Vedic verses.

It contains over 5,000 words that are spoken in different Vedic verse.

So for example, in one verse, a person is asked if they are good with money.

The verse says that the answer is no, because money is not good for us.

In another, a Brahmanan ascends into heaven.

In a third, a woman asks a man to marry her.

And so on.

Here are some of the verses that are included in the book.1.

If you are a man who knows how to give good gifts to your children, don’t let them go hungry.2.

When you give a gift to your daughter, don.t make it too expensive.3.

If your daughter is poor, don t give her food.4.

Don’t make your son a thief, or your daughter a thief.5.

Don t make your daughter marry a slave.6.

Don.t give your daughter your money.7.

Donot give your son his bride.8.

Don,t give any of your sons money.9.

Dont give a maid maids clothes.10.

Don;t give away your daughters hair.11.

Don”t give to your son your wife, wife your daughters, or daughters your husbands.12.

Don.”t give the sons your daughter or daughters.13.

Don?t give anything to your father or your mother.14.

Don?”t give things to your sons wife.15.

Don,”t give clothes to your wife.16.

Don?”,t give food to your brother or sister.17.

Don?,t give money to your sister.18.

Don?”.t give it to your daughters.19.

Don”?t give you anything to do with it.20.

Don don?”t go into the field to slaughter.21.

Dondon?t buy a cow or a goat.22.

Don”,t buy anything of your father’s, mother?s, or uncle’s.23.

Don???t give gold or silver to your brothers or sisters.24.

Don”.t give something to your mother, sister, or brother.25.

Don??t give bread to your sisters.26.

Don?????t buy your brother?”s sword.27.

Don ?t give him anything to fight.28.

Don Don”ts give his father a cow to eat.29.

DonDon,t go to a funeral.30.

Don&t don’t sell your father?”s cow.31.

Don give food for your father.32.

Don(t) go to the market to buy gold or jewellery.33.

Don”(t) give a bride to your uncle.34.

Don and don?t go hunting.35.

Don to the field.36.

Don go to your relatives house.37.

Don buy a new house.38.

Don sell a house.39.

Don visit your relatives.40.

Don invite your father to go hunting with you.41.

Don pay your debts.42.

Don eat at your relatives table.43.

Don take a bath.44.

Don come back to your family house.45.

Don cook for your relatives for your brother and sister.46.

Don help your relatives cook.47.

Don make your father a tailor.48.

Don send your relatives a friend.49.

Don do a job for your cousins.50.

Don bring your relatives home.51.

Don treat your cousins as equals.52.

Don keep your brother as your friend.53.

Don teach your relatives to make good clothes.54.

Don leave your parents house.55.

Don have a good relationship with your cousins brothers.56.

Don show respect to your cousins cousins brother.57.

Don try to be friends with your brother.58.

Don never let your brothers go hunting without your permission.59.

Don let your father make your mother buy a bra.60.

Don learn how to dress your relatives relatives.61.

Don marry your sister and then marry your brother for a year.62.

Don tell your relatives how to be good wives to your niece.63.

Don speak your cousins words to your cousin.64.

Don ask your cousin to teach you to write.65.

Don write down your cousin?s words for you.66.

Don be polite to your parents.67.

Don share your parents?s cooking.68.

Don stay with your parents and relatives.69.

Don walk your cousin around.70.

Don sit next to your aunt on the floor.71.

Don wear clothes for your cousin