How to apply for the next generation of soldiers with the army’s web template

The British Army has launched a new online template to help troops use the new military web template.The new online service will help train and prepare soldiers and civilians for the digital future, the Army said in a statement on Tuesday.In the first of its kind, the new web template will help soldiers and police […]

How to pay for your travel via PayPal and Bitcoin

PayPal and bitcoin are both popular ways for people to pay bills.They also work very well for getting people out of debt.PayPal has become the world’s biggest payment network, with more than 2 billion customers and more than $200 billion in annual revenue.Bitcoin is a payment network that has yet to get off the ground.PayPal’s […]

How to get an Italian national team game, the season finale, on a big screen, via ESPN

By Football Italian staffThe 2015 FIFA World Cup has just finished and with it the FIFA World Rankings have been released.The FIFA rankings are based on the popularity of a particular country’s national team.To qualify for the rankings, the countries’ respective teams must score 50% of the total points in a single season (or 10% […]

When Apple Pay will be released, a big question mark for web developers

Apple Pay is coming to web developers, and while the first beta test of Apple Pay could be coming this week, the first glimpse of how the payment system works has been released.¬†Web developers and developers from all over the world are expected to start seeing the new Apple Pay feature in the coming weeks.Apple […]

Why is the cartoon web page not being removed from Facebook?

On Wednesday, Facebook removed a cartoon web-site that was featured on its social media pages for a year, saying that it did not have the authority to remove it.The cartoon web site is a popular cartoon on Facebook that is based on the character of Donald Trump, the US President.Facebook said the cartoon had become […]

How to get a better understanding of the latest trends in the media landscape

An overview of trends in media coverage and how to keep track of them.Newspapers and online magazines dominate, but news websites are getting more and more prominent, while the media and entertainment sector is seeing its share of growth.This chart breaks down the most recent news trends, as well as the overall media landscape.Trends in […]

What Is the Dark Web?

By Laura GellerThe dark web is a subculture of online illegal content that has emerged in the past few years.The dark web, as it’s known, involves sites where users upload files that are not meant to be shared or used by the general public.It also involves sites that are specifically targeted for security and anonymity […]

How to set up a simple, robust social web site template for your business

A few years ago, we published a post that suggested using a simple template to design a simple social web website.But, this template could be used for many different projects.What about a customised template?What about one that has been customised to your business?How do you use a custom template to help create a more robust […]

How to Create a Web Template with Behance Web Template

From the blog: The Behance platform is a tool for web content creation.It is designed to be simple and accessible to all users, including beginners.The platform offers templates for every website and mobile app.You can use the platform to create content for both desktop and mobile devices.You will be able to create web templates that […]