Aussie startup pays for online magazine to cover Australia’s election

Aussie company that makes its name for producing content about politics and the economy has paid for a newspaper to cover the state’s national election.The Adelaide Advertiser reported on Wednesday that the online magazine, a competitor to The Australian Financial Times, will cover the September 20 election in a three-part series that is due to […]

When web games are big, they’re big news

A new game called “Web Skins” is making headlines around the world.The game, released today by a German developer called Web Skin, is an interactive game where you play the role of a human being, navigating the web in search of the perfect costume for your virtual life.It’s an interactive story where you interact with […]

Which is the best blog?

The best blog is different for everyone.While some are more important than others, the basic principles remain the same: make it a place for you to write.It should be a place to share ideas, to get to know your audience and to grow your knowledge.And it should be an outlet for your work, too.A great […]

Why are the Senate GOP’s health care bills dead?

More than a dozen Senate Republicans are still stuck with health care legislation that has been called the most unpopular in modern history.The legislation has drawn sharp criticism from Democratic lawmakers and some in the medical industry.The Republican leadership and GOP leaders are still trying to get the bill passed and they have not yet […]