‘I know you’re scared’: A new template for government web content says you’re not welcome

Posted March 06, 2018 11:03:10It’s called the “Web Governance Template”, but it could change the way the government’s websites are run.The template is a collaboration between the Australian Government and the Australian Information Technology Association (AITA), a group of about 250 IT professionals from across the country.It is being developed as part of a new […]

“Unify Web Template: Web templates”

article The American Conservatives is pleased to announce the launch of a new web template website titled Unify Web Templates.The site will be hosted on The Conservative Web, an independent conservative web site and digital magazine owned by American Conservative Review, a conservative media organization founded in 2004.The Conservative Web has been a consistent leader […]

Google+ and Instagram are trying to make the internet more fun, not less

By now you’ve probably seen the tag “grammar” and heard people talk about how this was a way to get you to stop reading, get on a social media platform and start typing.And while there’s some truth to that, you probably don’t know exactly what that means.But the idea of tagging things like keywords and […]

Bubble web template: dark web templates for baby web

The Next Home article Baby web templates: easy templates for the dark web article Baby websites: dark and light web templates article Baby home pages: dark internet baby home page template article Baby search engine: light web search engine baby search engine article Baby music site: light search engine search engine Baby book search engine […]

The Most Popular, and Most Dangerous, Political Web Templates

The Most popular political web templates and web resources are a list of popular political websites that include political content, political hashtags, and political videos.In this article, we’ll examine the most popular political templates and find out which are the most dangerous.1.Political News Template2.Political Blog Template3.Political Facebook Template4.Political Twitter Template5.Political LinkedIn Template6.Political Reddit Template7.Political Instagram […]

When Does Your Website Need to Update?

The average web design project takes months, and that’s not including the time it takes to implement the most basic HTML elements.That means that even if you are on a tight budget, you might need to do some additional tweaks to your website.But it’s not always easy to know what to do, or when.In this […]

Microsoft and Apple to launch cloud apps on the same platform as their web apps

Microsoft and the mobile web giant Apple are expected to announce their collaboration on the cloud this week, according to sources close to the talks.The move is being seen as an acknowledgement by both companies that the web has become a more critical business, particularly for the cloud, and that it is time to embrace […]