Which is better for your browser: Google Chrome or Firefox?

By now, you’ve probably noticed that Google Chrome is pretty much the default browser for most people.The browser is easy to use, has good security, and it has an excellent browser update history.While Firefox is also a pretty good browser, its recent security patches and browser updates make it a little harder to get the […]

How to Get a Web Site That Looks Better Than Yours

How to get your site up and running on the web.It’s the perfect answer to the question: How to build a better website for your business?This is a big part of the reason that a lot of sites that you work on are terrible at getting built and maintainable.This post will walk you through all […]

How to create your own Web specification template

Crypto Coins Article Crypto Coins, a cryptocurrency that has attracted the attention of governments, investors, and regulators, is launching a new service to provide users with a way to easily generate their own Web specifications.The service, CryptoVerify, is designed to make it easier for users to verify Web sites and apps and to make sure […]

How to Create an Association Web Template

A new feature in the Google Calendar, Google Web Templates, makes it easy to create a web page with Google calendar-style content for your company.The new feature allows you to create the content in your own custom HTML code and customize the template with your own branding and style, and it even allows you use […]

Facebook’s IPO might be the most important IPO in history

Facebook’s stock price has climbed to a record high after its IPO.The company is trading at around $21 a share after closing at $21.12.The shares are up a whopping 17 per cent since Facebook went public in 2012.A huge number of investors have bought in since then.Facebook was founded in 2004, but has seen its […]