How to customize a WordPress theme with templates from bluehost

By default, WordPress themes use the default template syntax and a theme will not use any template files from other sources.If you would like to change this, you can modify the theme’s template configuration.In this article, we will explain how to do this.To install a theme on your site, you will need to have an […]

Web templates for your cats

A new breed of web templates for pets has appeared online. The templates come from a company called Titan Web, which specializes in animal templates. “We’ve been working with many, many animal breeders over the last couple of years to make it easy for them to do their animal web-design,” says Titan Web founder and CEO David […]

How to choose the right template for your business?

If you have an online business and are looking to create your own business template, you might be wondering what to choose.In this article, we will cover some common templates and the pros and cons of each.1.HTML and CSS Templates 2.HTML Templates Pros: Templates are simple to create, maintain, and use.There is no learning curve.You […]