Which is the best blog?

The best blog is different for everyone.While some are more important than others, the basic principles remain the same: make it a place for you to write.It should be a place to share ideas, to get to know your audience and to grow your knowledge.And it should be an outlet for your work, too.A great […]

How to get your logo and logo-like text across different web pages

FourFourThere are several types of web pages, some of which are hosted on a third-party server and some of them are hosted directly by the web host.If your web site is hosted by one of these third-parties, you need to add a special header to each web page that specifies the server and IP address […]

When your web template isn’t working properly…

Updated October 25, 2019 05:14:00 A web template can be a lifesaver for those who don’t want to mess around with a variety of software, but it can also be a pain in the butt.Luckily, we’ve got a number of tools to help you out.Let’s get started.What Is a Template?When it comes to web templates […]

Why is the cartoon web page not being removed from Facebook?

On Wednesday, Facebook removed a cartoon web-site that was featured on its social media pages for a year, saying that it did not have the authority to remove it.The cartoon web site is a popular cartoon on Facebook that is based on the character of Donald Trump, the US President.Facebook said the cartoon had become […]