Microsoft wants to change your life with its next Web Framework, but it won’t include HTML5-friendly markup in its new web templates

In a bid to appeal to tech-savvy users who prefer using Microsoft Word, the company’s latest HTML5 web templates bundle an impressive array of customization options for creating custom Web pages.The new template library, which is available to download as part of Microsoft’s upcoming Web Framework 5.0 update, includes templates that will allow you to […]

The World’s Most Popular Web Contracts Template: A template for web contracts

Contract template in JavaScript (JavaScript), HTML (HTML), HTML5, CSS (CSS) | 1 minute read.The World has a problem: Web design, business, and coding is still largely a two-way street.While the Web is the biggest and fastest-growing platform for the creation and delivery of web services, it’s also the most daunting for those who want to […]