How to Make an Identity Web Template with JavaScript and CSS

AllWebCo web templates with identity web template.This article shows you how to make an identity web templates using JavaScript and Sass and the new CSS3 selector rules introduced in Babel.Read More.You’ll also see how to use Babel’s new JavaScript compiler with CSS to speed up your web app.

Google+ and Instagram are trying to make the internet more fun, not less

By now you’ve probably seen the tag “grammar” and heard people talk about how this was a way to get you to stop reading, get on a social media platform and start typing.And while there’s some truth to that, you probably don’t know exactly what that means.But the idea of tagging things like keywords and […]

How to create a responsive web template for React.js

article React Web Template is a React Web App template, which allows you to create responsive web content that looks great on any screen size.The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to create an interactive web page that is responsive on every device.The goal of creating this template is to let users […]