The Cathedral, the Church, and the Web as an Architectural Model

Popular Mechanics title The Truth about Cathedral Architecture article Popular Science title Cathedral Architecture, the Cathedral, and Modern Architecture: From the Middle Ages to the Present article Popular Tech article Architecture is a broad topic that encompasses many topics.However, its origins are often hidden behind an architectural veil.Here, we look at how architecture is used […]

What is the difference between a template and an event?

The template is a term that describes a website’s design.Events are a specific type of event, such as a rugby match or an international cricket match, where the host country’s official team takes part.The template provides the name, date, location, venue and date of the event.Template websites, which are hosted online, often provide information on […]

Timothy Web Templates will be available to download in April, new CEO says

TimothyWeb templates are a new web design template that lets you use your favorite web design and web development tools to build and share your website or blog.The template, developed by Timothy, is being developed for developers that want to make their site or blog more attractive and user friendly.It uses templates built from open […]