Why we have no end to internet trolls

The internet is a battlefield.If you want to see how the internet is being used to fight for the rights of trolls, look no further than the world’s largest online hate group.It’s called the alt-right.Its members claim to represent the “true believers” in a “great crusade for white supremacy”.They’re sometimes described as the alt right […]

Meet the New York City Police Department, the City that’s become a virtual virtual prison for the homeless

The New York Police Department is facing mounting criticism for its harsh and ineffective response to the surge in homelessness that began with the deadly riots of the 1970s.The department, which has since been reformed and renamed the Police Department of New York, is also the most violent force in the city, and a hotbed […]

How to get a better understanding of the latest trends in the media landscape

An overview of trends in media coverage and how to keep track of them.Newspapers and online magazines dominate, but news websites are getting more and more prominent, while the media and entertainment sector is seeing its share of growth.This chart breaks down the most recent news trends, as well as the overall media landscape.Trends in […]