How to Create an Association Web Template

A new feature in the Google Calendar, Google Web Templates, makes it easy to create a web page with Google calendar-style content for your company.The new feature allows you to create the content in your own custom HTML code and customize the template with your own branding and style, and it even allows you use […]

Google+ and Instagram are trying to make the internet more fun, not less

By now you’ve probably seen the tag “grammar” and heard people talk about how this was a way to get you to stop reading, get on a social media platform and start typing.And while there’s some truth to that, you probably don’t know exactly what that means.But the idea of tagging things like keywords and […]

The world’s first calorie counting app gets its first iOS release

article By Andrew SmithPublished August 17, 2017 12:10:50Mobile-first web-based apps are gaining momentum, with many developers now aiming to create apps that can measure your health and nutrition, and then calculate your calories.The next big thing is the calorie counter, and in a world where health is increasingly viewed as a measure of the individual, […]