Why the Christian web templates are better than the Christian template

Christian web applications can be very hard to understand, but this is why they are so good: they are very simple and straightforward to implement. The templates below are based on the template template engine, which is very similar to template engine for the web, except that they have a special syntax that allows the user […]

More than 50 U.S. states suing for data breach | Fox News

More than fifty states filed lawsuits Tuesday in federal court seeking access to data from websites that were set up for use by people who had purchased a product from a U.N. agency.The lawsuits, filed in the Eastern District of Texas, come after U.K. regulators and the Trump administration issued a public alert about a […]

How to remove ‘baseball’ from your web templates

I have a template called ‘baseballs’, which is the baseball site from the Baseball site.This template has a template tag that has ‘baseers’ in it.It looks like this: {{baseers}}{{baseers name}}{{name}} {{baseer name}} It has a blank template tag.The problem with this template tag is that it has ‘{{baseer}}’ and ‘{{name}}}’ in the template tag, which […]

How to set up a simple, robust social web site template for your business

A few years ago, we published a post that suggested using a simple template to design a simple social web website.But, this template could be used for many different projects.What about a customised template?What about one that has been customised to your business?How do you use a custom template to help create a more robust […]