This book will teach you to create the perfect web template

USA Today article The Best Free WordPress Websites for 2018.By combining WordPress theme design, SEO, and other powerful features, you can build an online presence that will have a long and rewarding life.Here’s how you can create the ultimate portfolio, business, or blog, all with one simple website template.This article originally appeared in the December […]

When will the world learn how to be a superhero?

The Wall St Journal article The world is going to learn how the world should be.And when it comes to the future of superheroes, it’s going to be the way people like me are going to live.For a lot of people, they’ve always felt that it’s just not possible to live without superheroes.In the ’90s, […]

What are the main points of disagreement between the Israeli and Palestinian sides?

An Israeli delegation has been touring the West Bank and Gaza Strip in recent days, seeking to establish the facts about the Gaza conflict, which has killed more than 2,000 Palestinians since mid-2015.The delegation, headed by Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, has been meeting with Palestinian officials, journalists and activists in Gaza City.The Palestinian delegation’s main […]

Australian Financial Report: Full report online – Australian Financial Market Report PDF

New report on the Australian financial markets is available to read online from a range of sources.In this case, the report is available for free download on the ASX-listed Australian Financial Network (AFN).This article is the first in a series of articles on the issue of financial privacy.This article will focus on the recent release […]

When web games are big, they’re big news

A new game called “Web Skins” is making headlines around the world.The game, released today by a German developer called Web Skin, is an interactive game where you play the role of a human being, navigating the web in search of the perfect costume for your virtual life.It’s an interactive story where you interact with […]