How to create your own website with Google’s new Web Framework.

Next Big News article The Google Web Framework (GFW) is a web framework that Google announced in March 2018.It provides a standardization platform for creating web apps, which is designed to be lightweight and efficient.The GFW was originally designed to replace WebKit.It is now also part of Google’s Chrome web browser.It provides a single-threaded web […]

Trump is considering a big-money plan to replace his own Web design and content with an all-new website to run on the same platform that he owns

POLITICO Trump is exploring a plan to make his own website a template for a new site, a move that would be the most ambitious move yet by a sitting president in his first 100 days in office.Trump has so far focused on his own personal branding and messaging to take on the challenges of […]

What you need to know about Instagram web template and the new Contoh template for Facebook

This is a template that you can use for Instagram pages, Facebook pages, and blogs.If you’re not sure how to use it, we have a tutorial to help you.We’ve also put together a handy guide to getting started.Contoh web template We’ve all heard of the Contoh brand name.This is an Instagram template that uses a […]