The best e-commerce apps for learning how to code

Updated September 09, 2018 12:50:03 I’ve been on a long journey to get myself to the point where I’m confident in my ability to code, so when I started reading the best e and tech-related ebooks for learning to code on Amazon, I was skeptical.I wasn’t really looking to learn anything, and I hadn’t read […]

How to Get a Web Site That Looks Better Than Yours

How to get your site up and running on the web.It’s the perfect answer to the question: How to build a better website for your business?This is a big part of the reason that a lot of sites that you work on are terrible at getting built and maintainable.This post will walk you through all […]

Facebook’s IPO might be the most important IPO in history

Facebook’s stock price has climbed to a record high after its IPO.The company is trading at around $21 a share after closing at $21.12.The shares are up a whopping 17 per cent since Facebook went public in 2012.A huge number of investors have bought in since then.Facebook was founded in 2004, but has seen its […]

How to use Photoshop to create a pencil web

The New York Times article An article on The New Yorker about the use of pencil web templates has stirred controversy.The Times’ web article template is a digital version of the original article, which was designed to help people understand the story and create stories that fit into a particular context.It also has a number […]

Why we have no end to internet trolls

The internet is a battlefield.If you want to see how the internet is being used to fight for the rights of trolls, look no further than the world’s largest online hate group.It’s called the alt-right.Its members claim to represent the “true believers” in a “great crusade for white supremacy”.They’re sometimes described as the alt right […]

Why You Should Buy a Bank Web Template

You can’t do anything with a bank website except watch the video.Why?Because it’s the only thing that gets uploaded to the bank website, not any other form of media.And because of the bank’s proprietary content management system, a bank web template is not just a template, it’s a digital copy of a bank’s website.You can […]

Bubble web template: dark web templates for baby web

The Next Home article Baby web templates: easy templates for the dark web article Baby websites: dark and light web templates article Baby home pages: dark internet baby home page template article Baby search engine: light web search engine baby search engine article Baby music site: light search engine search engine Baby book search engine […]

Meet the New York City Police Department, the City that’s become a virtual virtual prison for the homeless

The New York Police Department is facing mounting criticism for its harsh and ineffective response to the surge in homelessness that began with the deadly riots of the 1970s.The department, which has since been reformed and renamed the Police Department of New York, is also the most violent force in the city, and a hotbed […]

Freebies for web content creators – A great place to start

source Techradar title How to get started with templates for web articles article source All About Android – All About Apps article TechRadalar title 10 tips to help you save money with your apps article All About Tech – All about tech articles All About Mobile – All in Mobile article Techradalar article The most […]