How to Create an Association Web Template

A new feature in the Google Calendar, Google Web Templates, makes it easy to create a web page with Google calendar-style content for your company.The new feature allows you to create the content in your own custom HTML code and customize the template with your own branding and style, and it even allows you use […]

‘It’s just a matter of time’: The impact of new drug laws on young Australians

Posted November 07, 2018 05:12:33 While the federal government’s crackdown on illicit drugs is still fresh in the headlines, the effect it is having on young people in the community is also beginning to be felt.Key points: The Federal Government has made it harder for young people to get cannabis, and has increased the penalty […]

How to avoid being sued in the media

U.S. President Donald Trump’s former White House chief of staff is under federal investigation for allegedly lying about being paid millions of dollars for a television show.Robert Gibbs was fired on Tuesday by the president’s former press secretary, Sean Spicer, after an investigation by the Justice Department found that he misled reporters about his pay […]

How to design a web page for your site

A lot of web design comes down to the layout of your page.To make sure you have the right layout, we’ve created a set of guidelines to help you get the best out of your site’s content.How to make your web page look good A lot more content on the web has been made from […]

When will the next HTML5 is ready?

Updated February 09, 2018 12:50:13An ad-block extension is the next version of JavaScript that will make webpages more accessible and easy to navigate.It will allow users to save the pages in a file or on their own server, and will allow websites to integrate with ad-blocking technologies.But what does this mean for you?Read moreA new […]

How to use Google Analytics to automate your sales strategy

This article contains affiliate links.See our disclosure policy for more details.If you’re new to web design and want to start learning web development, you may be interested in my article: How to set up an online shop using Google Analytics.I’ll show you how to use this online shop to track your sales and improve your […]

Microsoft and Apple to launch cloud apps on the same platform as their web apps

Microsoft and the mobile web giant Apple are expected to announce their collaboration on the cloud this week, according to sources close to the talks.The move is being seen as an acknowledgement by both companies that the web has become a more critical business, particularly for the cloud, and that it is time to embrace […]

When The Big Three Wrote The New Rules For Instagram — And How They Changed It for You

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for the biggest brands to use social media to promote their products and services, but it wasn’t always this way.In fact, back in 2011, when Instagram was just a couple of years old, it was a pretty small social media company.It only had 1 million users and only had 500 million […]

Why Google Search is still the best tool for Web-based SEO

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and other top Web-search engines are increasingly focusing on the Web as a whole.But for a long time, Google’s Search was a one-size-fits-all solution.Now, however, with its growing number of new services, Google Search’s success hinges on the strength of its search engine and its search algorithm.This article examines the advantages and […]